At this side of the ring, it’s it! Created in 1997 by the north american developer John Nick Koston. Let’s give a round of applause to cPanel.

cPanel is a web interface alternative to setting up and manage web hosting environment. Take a look at some of its features:

  • Thousand of followers around the world;
  • Files, resources and databases management;
  • Domain registration and management;
  • Access and resources usage statistics;
  • Email accounts;
  • Short learning curve;
  • Rich documentation and many discussion forums about it;
  • Full integration with WHM panel, used by host resellers.


On the other side of the ring is our exclusive panel itself. Created in Brazil, its main goal is to make things easier for anyone who develops for the web. Crash the drums for Umbler Panel!

The Umbler Panel is a customized solution that integrates everything developers and web agencies need. Check out some of its features:

  • Files, resources and databases management;
  • Pay as you go. Recharge any time, any amount.
  • Personalized emails accounts (Umbler Email and MS Exchange);
  • Short learning curve;
  • Resource monitoring with an alert system;
  • Control Panel projected to resellers;
  • Incredibles Add-ons, like CloudFlare and Let’s Encrypt;
  • Automatic Git and GitHub integration;
  • Projects and customers management clear and easy.
User login

One click login

Log in with your preferred social account (Facebook, Google, Twitter and GitHub). Security improved since you don’t have to memorize any password.

User/pass login

Simple login system using only user and password credentials. Some agencies with many clients struggle with this ‘log-in/log-out/repeat’ process.


User-friendly, yet powerful

Clean layout with overview, organization of clients and projects. Use of resources within a few clicks, own graphic identity and easy scalability.

Simple design

Simple screen, with many icons. Decentralized information, split apart by a lot of clicks. No overview.

Domains and DNS

Full centralized control

Domain registrations direct at the panel and DNS management in one single page. Within a few interactions, you can update many sites and apps.

More steps, less control

You can add new domains through the panel, but the DNS management is confusing and painful for those who need to manage a great number of sites.


Simplified site management

Panel projected to easily monitoring your sites and apps. With its overview, you can check how is your server’s resource availability and set alerts

Only for resellers

You can monitor your resource usage only if you are a reseller since it’s a WHM feature. Beside it, the data access is a little bit confusing and don’t make it clear what’s the real status of your server.

Umbler wins!

It looks like we have a winner of this first round. The opponents will receive medical care and technical advice from their creators while the judges count points. The second round is about to begin and this fight won’t be easy!

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Email accounts

Flexibles email accounts

It’s possible to create email accounts with customized resources and sizes for each account. No bundles, no closed packs. Create it as you wish.

Tecnologias ultrapassadas

Offers email account, but the systems used are obsolete, like Horde, RoundCube and SquirrelMail.


"Automagic" deploy using GIT

With Umbler’s Git Deploy you can integrate your repo to your hosting directory and use all Git benefits. It’s perfect for agencies and developers with many sites.

By default, only FTP

cPanel doesn’t have any native integration with Git technology, which makes version control easier.


Secure FTP with TLS/SSL

Offers File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access with an extra SSL security layer, so you can transfer your files with the security that you need (even if FTP is a thing of the past).

FTP without TLS/SSL

Offers File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access, but it doesn’t have any security layer for it.

Umbler wins!

Even Umbler’s Panel being far ahead of its opponent, the judges in a gesture of sensibility, decided to give another chance to cPanel. Will the great panel, with more than 20 years of history, be able to win this third round? To be continued...

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Deploy and scale seamlessly

You can upgrade or downgrade your environment within a few clicks, directly at the panel, without any contact with help desk.

Closed packages and slow upgrade

If you are a reseller, you can scale your sites and apps resources at WHM. If not, you have to talk with your hosting help desk or through their site.


Unique and exclusive panel

Projected to digital agencies that need to manage numerous projects, sites, and customers. You can set different access levels for your customers as well.

WHM Panel

To manage your reseller server, you have to access the Web Host Manager (WHM), which isn’t the best example of UX.

Colab and Updates

Your feedback guides our evolution

Umbler prioritizes new features development based on our customer’s continuous feedback, answering specifications of developers and web agencies quickly.

Compatibility Oriented

Despite years of experience, updates occur worldwide and depend on a number of factors, including compatibility with legacy sites and servers.

We win!

The fight comes to an end with a big knockout. It wasn't an easy dispute, after all, cPanel persisted to the end. However, there is no doubt: Umbler’s Panel deserved the golden belt in the dispute for the best hosting panel for digital agencies and developers.

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